Lunes, Hunyo 25, 2012

My Celebret

Celebret A letter which a bishop gives to a priest, that he may obtain permission in another diocese to say Mass, and for this purpose bears testimony that he is free from canonical censures. The Council of Trent (Sess. XXIII, chap. xvi on Reform) lays down the rule that "no cleric who is a stranger shall without letters commendatory from his own ordinary be admitted by any bishop to celebrate the divine mysteries". Ordinarily permission is not to be given to a priest from another diocese to say Mass without this certificate signed and duly sealed. The seal is obviously the more important requisite, as it is the safer guarantee against forgery. The celebret should be officially recognized by the diocesan authority of the place where a priest may wish to say Mass. One who has his celebret in due form, or who is certainly known to be in good standing in his own diocese, may be allowed to celebrate till he has had a sufficient time to comply with this rule. A priest with proper credentials cannot reasonably be prevented from saying Mass, though he will be expected to comply with reasonable restrictions which may be imposed. The Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, as a regulation against collectors of funds for other dioceses or countries, enacted a decree (No. 295) that priests on such a mission should not be allowed to celebrate Mass even once till they had received permission from the ordinary. This rule has generally been enforced in diocesan synods. The absence of the celebret does not suffice for the refusal of permission to say Mass, if persons worthy of belief bear positive testimony to the good standing of the priest. If the permission were unreasonably refused, the priest may say Mass privately, if no scandal is given. Yet the rectors of churches are not obliged to incur any expenses the celebration may involve. (S.C.C., 15 Dec., 1703).

Biyernes, Hunyo 22, 2012

About Fr. Mark Robinson Bunag

Mark Robinson Bunag is a missionary priest of the Catholic Church of the East from the Philippines. He is the Apostolic Vicar for the Philippines for the Diocese of St. Paul, a suffragan Diocese of the Archdiocese of St. James the Apostle, Catholic Church of the east/Arabic Catholic Church in the United States of America. He also has previous experiences as a values and religious education teacher, activist, practical liturgist, youth counselor, philatelist, avocational philosopher, traveler, pet lover, nature protector and pro-life advocate. Presently, he is more known as Fr. Mark, a Catholic priest and preacher. Other also known him as teacher; he taught in both private and public schools in Metro Manila. Still some know him as a singer or a singing priest. Lately, he has also been known as spiritual director, vocation promoter and assistant parish priest. He is also serving the local government as chaplain in Youth Rehabilitation Center and Campus Minister. At last, he is known for his joy, his willingness to build healthy relationships, and his passion for God. This page has been established for those who want to get some updates about him. Thank you for your support.